About Ame

Greetings, lads and lasses! Ame here. Welcome to my little nook of long-winded idol talk. What are idols, you may ask? Well, that's what Wikipedia is for, dontcha know.

I was introduced to the idol scene through Morning Musume (as many of us gaijin were), and in particular, I was captivated by one Miss Yoshizawa Hitomi (as many of us ladies were). As such, I have been a fan of Hello!Project since early 2005, and the AKB48 franchise (which is my current central focus) since early 2009. I am one of those terrible, terrible people who stopped obsessively following H!P when... I dunno, 90% of the girls that made me give a damn graduated to become Real People. Go figure. My other favorite idol groups are Momoiro Clover, Nakano Fujoshi Sisters/Fudanjuku, and (if this counts) the Korean pop group f(x).

As for me, I'm currently a twenty-two year old deli clerk and aspiring student living in a derpy little apartment in Western Massachusetts with my lovely girlfriend and our seven thousand Pokemon toys. Apart from yelling about little Asian girls, my hobbies include writing, costuming, acting, singing, dancing, graphic design, playing massive adventure video games, continuing to love the crap out of Harry Potter, picking apart the human psyche, listening to music, equal rights, driving, eating sweets, studying ugly marine animals and taking long walks on rainy days. I'm an advocate for compassion, a supporter of optimism and a fierce believer in love.

If, for some reason, you feel so inclined, I am located elsewhere on the internet. Thanks for taking the time, cheers!


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